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Klinta offers a unique collection of nature's simple recipes together with Scandinavian classy design and environmentally friendly thinking behind each product. A light and fragrant series for both home and body that provides sought-after everyday luxury and genuine well-being.

Klinta & Co is Sweden's best-selling candle and we understand why. Their unique concept where they offer high quality, environmentally friendly and natural massage candles which are also lovely scented candles with ingredients that are both durable and kind to nature. They offer a wide fragrance range where we find many new fantastic favorites among the selection of scented candles and scents in different sizes.

The big massage light is Klintas Original light and also the most popular of the collection. When the candle has been lit for a little while and the wax starts to melt, it can be used as a lovely massage oil! Just dip your fingers in it if needed.

Klinta's scented candles and scents do not contain any preservatives, parabens, sulphates, or animal substances. All massage candles comply with the EU's strict directives and no components or finished products have been tested on animals.

Klinta's candle consists of four environmentally friendly components. Soy wax, palm oil and rapeseed oil together with a fragrance oil or essential oil.

Together with Klinta, we have hand-picked their Best Seller fragrances in a wide range of:

Large massage light - which has a burning time of 45 hours

The little light - which has a burning time of 18 hours

Fragrance sticks- 120 ml

Scent -50 ml

Room Spray

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