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Aroma Lamp


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Scented lamps, Scented oils & Accessories

Avant-garde designed fragrance lamps that provide sophisticated fragrance and eliminate bacteria and unwanted scent.

The luxurious catalytic scent lamps receive a century of history and innovation.

The scented lamps provide both an increased oxygen content in the air, remove bacteria and spread a sophisticated fragrance, all in one. Here you will find our large selection of luxurious scented lamps, gift sets, associated scented oils in fantastic scents. The beautiful 'hats' are interchangeable to change the look and come in silver, black and gold.

Maison Berger's scented lamps use a patented catalytic burner which, when heated to a certain temperature, burns alcohol-based liquid fuel. This process releases molecules into the air which partly removes bacteria in the air, unwanted odors at the same time as the scented lamp releases fragrance from essential oils.

With a history where the first scented lamp was produced in 1889, this is the original and over the years has collaborated with great designers for its beautiful design and master perfumers from France for its fragrances.

Picasso expressed about this particular scent lamp that it was "the only intelligent scent". That says a lot about the beautiful story behind the brand.

Doftbox offers unique, affordable, aesthetically pleasing products for your home or business with great scents to create an impression.

Fist impression last!

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