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Washologi offers a range of thoughtful, credible and personalized products based on healthy values ​​and a sustainability mindset. Washology is a combination of advanced chemistry and a clear fragrance language. We want the scents to evoke feelings such as:

SPORT – Jasmine, is fresh and lightly floral.

HARMONY – Lavender, known for its calming and balancing properties.

LÄNGTAN – Cotton flower, soft and natural is the fragrance that is a bestseller in Sweden and the world.

WELLBEING – Mimosa a soft floral and calming scent

HIM- Bergamot, citrus fresh and masculine sporty fragrance with base note of sandalwood

HER- Lily of the valley, sweetly scented by this beautiful flower, like a summer meadow

"When you choose Washologi's products, you should know that what you use is the result of our goal to offer the highest quality, neatly packaged with an environmental mindset as good as possible. In short, it should be easy to make a good choice!"

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