Wonderful scented candles from best-selling brands - Spring's cozy factor!

Fragrance lights create a cosy atmosphere and are also an equally beautiful interior detail. With us you can choose from several scented candles in different styles and price ranges that suit you and your home!

We have handpicked scented candles from selected suppliers that both smell fantastic and are made to the highest quality. We do our utmost to make our valued customers appreciate our products as much as we do.

A scented candle is an everyday luxury that everyone can enjoy. Offering a fantastic range of scented candles without doing so at the expense of the environment or health is a matter of course for us.

The scented candles we offer are made of components such as soy wax, palm oil and canola oil together with essential oil or fragrance oil. A scented candle is as much a cosy scent as interior decoration. When the candle has burned out, you can use it for a beautiful vase or cup.

Popular brands include K.Lundqvist, Klinta, Woodwick, Viktorian & Sthlm Fragrance Supplier.

Klinta & Co´s candles are not ordinary candles but serve as both fragrance candles and massage oil. When the candle has been lit for a little while and the wax begins to melt, it can be used as a lovely massage oil! Just dip your fingers in it if needed. No wonder they are Sweden's best-selling candles.

Victorian Candle whose scented candles come in fantastic design on both the cups and the packaging. The ultimate gift.

K.Lundqvist who delivers timeless Scandinavian design together with fragrances that fit all year round.

Sthlm Fragrance Supplier fragrance candles offer French fragrances in Swedish design. Each scented candle is a craft and a good environmental choice.

All products from Sthlm Fragrance Supplier are 100% vegan

WoodWick which has become immensely popular with its crackling wicks and impressive burning times of 100 hrs and 180 hrs.

When you buy a scented candle from us you can be sure to bring home a best seller.

Doftbox offers unique, affordable aesthetically pleasing products to your home or business with fantastic scents to create the impression.

First impressions last!

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