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Scented candles


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Luxurious scented candles from best-selling brands

Scented candles create a cozy atmosphere and are also an beautiful interior detail. With us, you can choose between several scented candles in different styles and price ranges that suit you and your home! We have hand-picked scented candles from selected suppliers that both smell fantastic and are of the highest quality. We do our utmost to ensure that our conscious customers appreciate our products as much as we do. A scented candle is an everyday luxury that everyone can treat themselves to. Offering a fantastic range of scented candles without doing so at the expense of the environment or health is a matter of course for us. The scented candles we offer are made from components such as soy wax, palm oil and rapeseed oil together with essential oil or fragrance oil. A scented candle is just as much a cozy fragrance as it is an interior detail.

We have a large selection from several suppliers, we have a scented candle for every occasion. The scented candle is an appreciated gift and can be advantageously taken to the hostess when you go to celebrations. Many of our candles come in exclusive packaging, which means that you do not need to wrap your gift further.

The general rule for all scented candles is that you should trim the wick before lighting your candle. Cut the wick to about 5-6mm and your candle will last longer and the flame will burn without soot. The candle should also burn all the way to the edges before you extinguish it. This is done so that the scented candle burns evenly over the entire candle so that a pit does not form in the middle of the candle. When you extinguish your candle, use a candle extinguisher to avoid soot when extinguishing.

All scented candles at Doftbox.se are free from phthalates, parabens & sulfate. There are no toxins and are produced in a sustainable way. Many candles come in a beautiful container that you can advantageously use for a tea light when the candle has burned out. If you want a good scent in your tealight as well, you can also drop in a couple of drops of STHLM Fragrance Supplier fragrance oil or essential oil. Then a lovely fragrance spreads in the room. There are over 30 different scents to choose from.

Doftbox offers unique, affordable, aesthetically pleasing products for your home or business with great scents to create an impression.

Fist impression last!

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