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Aroma Diffuser / Humidifier | White

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Aroma Diffuser / Humidifier | White

Aroma Diffuser | Scent via mist - Fresh air - Lighting

Shaped like a glass of egg, Aroma Diffuser creates a pleasant indoor air coupled with a fragrant mist, where you can vary scents according to mood or season from the Sthlm Fragrance Supplier series of luxurious fragrance oils. With its beautiful lighting where it slowly changes colour, Aroma Diffuser offers a unique experience.

  • White 
  • Mist and scenting per 100 ml of water: Running for about 8 h
  • Automatic shutdown
  • Soft LED Lighting
  • Almost Silent


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This beautiful and decorative Aroma Diffuser/humidifier, Humidifier shaped like a glass egg creates a peaceful and fragrant mist where you can add your favorite scent by pouring 1-3 drops of scented oil in the water base. Aroma Diffuser combines aroma therapy with modern scientific innovation and you only need a wall socket to plug it in, to create a fantastically fragrant atmosphere.

Aroma Diffuser runs for about 8 hours and once the water has steamed off it turns off automatically so you never have to worry about forgetting about it.

Aroma Diffuser Humidifier has multiple LED light functions and can slowly switch between different beautiful colours, set to only one colour or stand as it is without light, in its beautiful grey marbled egg-shaped ice cream calendar.

How Does It Work:

Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser/Humidifier has been named after the ultrasonic vibrations used to break down the fragrance oil into micro molecules using vibration. This results in the creation of a mist that takes up the amazing scent. All oil settles on the water surface, but with Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser technology, the fragrance oil is blended homogeneously into the water and spread with the cool mist.  This diffusion method uses no heat, which maintains the positive essential oil integrity and scented oil properties.

The steam has many health benefits and provides an increased well-being.


Aroma Diffuser fits just as well in all of your home’s rooms as in the office to create a fresh atmosphere where you can add your specific signature fragrance or find a new favorite fragrance from Sthlm Fragrance Supplier range of fragrance oils. 

Aroma Diffuser

Fragrance:  Spreads a fragrant mist at home, at work, Spa and Hotels. Select a fragrance from our range of exclusive fragrance oils from Sthlm Fragrance Supplier.  

Fresh Air:  Enjoy    comfortable and healthy indoor air. 

Prosperous:  Creates a feeling of well-being in its beautiful shape, fragrance and lighting that alternates in colour. 

Set up:

Be careful with your Aroma Diffuser, The Glass Egg is made of beautiful glass and fits together with the water base. You lift off the glass egg to fill up with water. Before using your Aroma Diffuser, always read the manual. 

Put the Aroma Diffuser on a flat surface so that it is not tilted.

Lift the Glass Egg from the water tank

Add water (100 ml) to the water tank up to the maximum line.

For fragrance, add 1-3 drops of fragrance oil from our range of exclusive fragrance oils. 

Put the Glass Egg back in the notch in the water tank.

Be careful there is not a gap between the water tank and the glass egg.

Click the   button and choose from different functions.

Not required to be switched off 

Aroma Diffuser Humidifier can be used with or without fragrance oil.

The Glass is hand blown and each Glass can be slightly different.  Air bubbles occur in the glass at it is being made, forming a unique Pattern. 

Fragrance Oil Purchased Separately. 

Keep in mind that: ​

When you want to pour water into the water tank, always do it in the direction of the arrow in the bottom, never pour water on the side of the water container where the air discharges (raised part of the water tank) Avoid pouring water directly from under the tap.

Make sure the glass egg is in its notch. Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser creates bubbles and mist and the glass egg seals the water tank. 

Be careful to clean the water base. 


Aroma Diffuser has several functions that control with the button on the front. It can alternate beautifully and peacefully between different beautiful colours of LED light with mist and fragrance function. You can leave it on a lighting (colour) and you can let it stand with just mist and scent without lighting.


At the push of a button:

1. The light switches in 7 different colours + fragrance function

2. Stop on a colour + fragrance function

3. Without light + fragrance function

4. Turn off  

 Aroma Diffuser Dimensions

• Dimensions: 18, 2 cm high, 13.5 cm wide

• Durability: 2000 -3000 h



• Sound <35dB (Almost lightless)

• water tank 100-120mL

• In use the water will be about 35 degrees.

• Top:  Glass

• Base and water container: New Environmental Protection Plastic Material

• CE Approved

• ISO Certified

• Mist volume:20+/-5ml/h

• Safety System:  Automatic-off when water evaporated

• Package: Present Box / White Box

• Sthlm Fragrance Supplier is Swedish company


Frequently asked questions:

What does “almost silent” mean, I wish to have my Aroma Diffuser in the bedroom.

- It goes great and it fits perfectly in bedrooms to moisten dry air. They are almost silent but in a quiet room you can perceive a faint lapping of the bubbles forming and a weak, water dripping sound.


• I wish to have the pink Aroma Diffuser that is visible everywhere on social media.

-  It’s the same Aroma Diffuser that customers have taken pictures of in a certain colour/lighting.  lighting Via the button on the front you can adjust the Aroma Diffuser to your desired colour/lighting, lighting such as pink, blue or whatever tint you desire to match the interior, by season or mood.  Aroma Diffuser can also stand without the lighting but with mist. The model comes in marble grey or white and you can choose either a mélange Aroma Diffuser in different lighting or a white Aroma Diffuser with different lighting but without the pattern. 

Does it run on battery?

- No, you plug it into the wall with the usual plug that is added. The cord is closer to 1 1/2 m long so you can easily move it around to different rooms and spaces... 

Do I have to turn it off?   

-  No, it automatically turns off when the water has evaporated... 

Can it leak?

-  No Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser is completely sealed and it cannot leak. Simply place the glass egg in the notch in the water tank and you can put this wherever you want.  Be sure to put your Aroma Diffuser on a flat surface so it is not tilted because there is water in it. Since ultrasonic aroma diffuser forms bubbles by vibration to create the fine mist, it is important that you put the glass egg in its notch so there is no gap between the water tank and the top of the glass, as this seals the water tank. Failure to do so may break your Aroma Diffuser. 


Does it work without water?

- No, you must always have water in the water tank for it to work.  Without water it cannot be started. 


Care instructions:

Always use fresh water in your Aroma Diffuser.  Let it steam off naturally until the water tank is empty. Especially if you want to change the scents. 

NOTE: Keep in mind that if you have water in the water tank that you wish to pour out, pour the water on the other side of the air discharge into the water tank. Do not pour water into the air outlet as this may damage your Aroma Diffuser. See simple description in manual.

Clean the water base once a week or when changing scented oil.  Remove the insert from the cord and lift off the glass egg and wipe out with damp cloth and use cloths on the ceramic disk at the bottom.   Never clean under running water with the risk of splashing the water base that has air discharge.  It is important not to get water into the air outlet located on the water base. Do not wash with anything containing abrasives to avoid scratching the inside.

Do not lift the glass egg when it is running, but turn it off before the Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser forms bubbles and mists.

If you have accidentally moved the glass egg so that less mist comes out, you can easily tighten the tube in aroma diffuser.

The mist comes out differently from different Aroma Diffusers.

Always read the manual added to each gift package before use. 

Handle your Aroma Diffuser carefully.

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