Room scent- Gives your home an instant feeling of everyday luxury

Give your home a fantastic scent through our selection of unique room scents from well-known brands. We have the scents and products for every room, every season and every space.

With the electric plug in from brands like Yankee Candle or Millifiori Milano, it can't be easier. Just plug the electrical unit into the wall along with a scent of your liking and let the room get a long lasting wonderful scent.

Fragrance Spheres from Yankee Candle neutralize bad odour and give a fresh scent. Ideal for use in smaller spaces such as walk-in wardrobes, cross-country cottages or bathrooms where you desire a long-lasting scent. Choose from Yankee Candle's large selection of fantastic scents.

Room spray or fragrance spray allows you to create an instant feeling of everyday luxury by simply spraying your home with your favourite scent. It gives your home a personal and exclusive touch.

You can spray in the air, on furniture, carpets and fabric to freshen up the scent indoors.

Doftbox offers unique, affordable aesthetically pleasing products to your home or business with fantastic scents to create the impression.

First impressions last!

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