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Refill Katalytisk lampolja | Dofta


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Scented Catalytic lamp oil

In the 19th century, the catalytic scent lamp was developed with the aim of purifying the air in hospitals, for example. The catalytic lamp oil from Dofta together with the burner stone gives the scented lamp a good fragrance and cleans the air from small particles that are often associated with bad smells such as food, pet odors, cigarette smoke, chemical pollution and bacteria. The burner stone gets up to 500 degrees hot and attracts particles and by burning the lamp for 20 minutes it cleans a room that is about 15m2..

We at Doftbox.se have several catalytic lamp oils from Dofta and the most popular ones are Champagne and Cool Cotton. Dofta always recommends using Dofta's Catalytic lamp oil together with Dofta's burning stone. Dofta has two sizes of burner stones and the small one is for the Crown series and other scent lamps from Dofta use large burner stones.

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