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You are already knowledgeable on social media and have a solid brand recognition. Is fragrance the next step for your business?

Strong, sensitive and always flying under the radar, smell is the Superman of the senses. You may think that you understand the world primarily through sight or sound, but your sense of smell is the only mind that comes fully developed already at birth. It is the only mind that is directly linked to areas of your brain that process emotions and memory. Hotel guests remember what they smell twice longer and more alive than they see or hear. A similar statistic shows that after three months, a person can recall a smell with 65 percent accuracy, as opposed to only 50 percent of the images. Scent memories are long-lived and deeply rooted. For brands, this is a powerful tool for building emotional loyalty.

Offices, stores, hotels, brokers, spas and many other players in fiercely competitive industries values ​​over using scent marketing as an obvious part of their business as it is such a powerful tool to differentiate themselves and continue the struggle for more satisfied customers to choose just them , and return.







 Create a stronger experience and customer loyalty with Aroma Diffuser

 Proving the smell of their office, shop, hotel, SPA has proven to have a great impact on both staff, visitors and customers.

To understand the benefits and how important scents are together with pleasant indoor air, we can start with the fact that of our five senses, the sense of smell is the strongest of the senses and also the most memory-provoking. The reason this is extra important for customers is that we remember 2% of what we hear but remember as much as 35% of what we smell. This is an important part that can be forgotten when planning for the overall impression. Scent Marketing.


In a time where players feel that competition is getting tougher, it will be even more important to differentiate themselves, to stand out and to create a sense of well-being in order to make customers / visitors stay longer and, above all, return. You invest money in the interior, In the competence of your staff but how is your first impression and how the memory and the experience are preserved.

Positive Environment

In other words, create an environment that is remembered, which contributes to positive experience and a good memory arises. Hence regular customers and / or satisfied staff.


This is what Dr. Anja Stöhr at the University of Paderborn says:

"Systematic fragrance marketing has a positive effect on every psychographic level and is a suitable way to achieve sales growth over a longer perspective."

47% of customers felt that the assortment and the store itself became more interesting.

The staff turned out to be 39-59% more competent and friendly.

27% felt the store more clean and fresh.

Concentration among customers increased by 18%

Living time in the premises increased by 14%

How does the sense of smell in the guest affect the satisfaction of the hotel?

There is a reason that the trend of scent setting environments only increases within the guest industry and given all similar industries.

According to Forbes, Mandarin Oriental's brand specialists have said that "hotel guests remember what they smell twice longer and more alive than they see or hear."

The Sense of Smell Institute urges that after one year, the human nose can recall scents with 65 percent accuracy. In comparison, after three months, there is only a 50 percent accuracy of images.

Plus, 75 percent of the emotions we generate daily are affected by smell. That being said, one can clearly see that fragrance marketing is an investment that really pays off.

Does fragrance marketing fit only the largest companies?

On the contrary, Fragrance Marketing suits all companies.

Why? It is easy. The sense of smell is one of the strongest and most powerful triggers of emotional memory and here you differentiate yourself and create a positive experience.

No wonder the topic of scent marketing or Scent Branding fills magazines like Forbes, USA Today, Times etc. See some here.



Our business concept is to offer a range of quality fragrance products that enhance the overall experience and customer satisfaction of companies via Sthlm Fragrance Supplier Aroma Diffuser.

Our vision is to be the obvious choice for every company, hotel, spa & relax, shop… anyone who wants to positively engage and optimize the customers' experience of the visit or meeting.

If you want to capture the customer on the emotional level and remind the customer of the brand through the strongest mind, then start by implementing fragrances in your brand.

To whom does this fit?

There is no industry that fragrance products do not fit in as we all try to reach our customers through marketing mainly through sight and hearing but the sense of smell is the mind that is directly linked to that part of our brain is also responsible for memory and emotions so it is surprising how underutilized this part is against customers and visitors.


Offer your customers a sense of exclusivity and make them recognize the brand or make them feel the feeling of home away from home with a lovely sophisticated scent.

To the reception or to every room to enhance the feeling of well-being. When hotels do the right thing, guests often fall in love with the whole experience - how the scent works with the design, the service style, the destination. In the years after the visit, the scent can evoke strong emotional memories of the experience.

Aroma Diffuser can advantageously be put on a few minutes before check in and let stand and spread a pleasant fresh air and scent in the rooms or reception. It has automatic shut-off when the water evaporates, so you never have to worry about anything. The fresh scent lingers for a long time after being turned off.

Spa / Relax

Aroma Diffuser has many uses. For beauty, it keeps your skin soft, healthy and moisturized. Perfect In a relaxing area or Spa to enhance the feeling of exclusivity, relaxation and well-being.

Perfume Oil Lavender -No 2 is a perfect fit for these moments as Lavender is a recognized soothing scent and helps against, among other things, stress, anxiety, sleep problems, headaches and depression. One of our foremost favorite scents without a doubt with many positive qualities.


Decorators work according to clear processes with clear functions for each room and the recurring initial question is- What feeling does the customer want to have in the room? Aroma Diffuser adds fresh air, fragrance and enhances the atmosphere with its many functions. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, it is tailored to the customer's specific wishes for fragrance. The room's eye catchers and the first thing you feel when you step into the room are the lovely scent and clear air.


Spreading an exclusive / upbeat or soothing scent in the office differentiates companies from their other competitors and reinforces the brand. Providing a perfect atmosphere to its customers, employees and guests has proven to be a great effect

 Dry air indoors can cause irritation both in the winter when the heat is turned on and you are not able to breathe like in the summer when the windows are on the air but exhaust gases come in. It can cause both headaches and the feeling of stress. With Aroma Diffuser you moisturize the air you breathe in and by adding a few drops of perfume oil in the water tank you contribute to a pleasant environment for the staff as for the visitor. Without worry about using light that is forgotten. Sthlm Fragrance supplier perfume oil Lemon grass -no 3 increases concentration, gives a positive energy and can help hide bad odors such as in kitchens or exhaust gases. A fresh fan in the office simply.

Broker- Homestyling

Selling or buying an apartment or house is a big deal in many ways. You want to make a profit, without spending too much money and time before.

One of the most common tips is to always have fresh flowers which give life to the accommodation. Add Aroma Diffuser in home styling and leave it on for 10 minutes before viewing and during viewing, Aroma Diffuser creates a delightfully fresh first impression and a unique interior detail that stands out.


We are happy to meet at a meeting to discuss how we can help you with your fragrance through Aroma Diffuser. If you are looking for a special scent, we help you develop it through our fantastic suppliers of perfume, fragrance oil and offer a selection of scents that can be just your signature scent.

Contact us to hear more about Aroma Diffuser and our fragrance oils.



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