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Fragrance Lights, Fragrance Sticks, Room Spray, Fragrance Oils, Aroma Oils with your brand. develops together with partners to develop quality Private Label (White Label) fragrance products such as Fragrance Lights, Fragrance Sticks, Room Spray and Fragrance Oils for customers based on your wishes.

The products we offer hold both environmental thinking and are manufactured with care without toxic chemicals and without paraffin, to conserve both body and environment. The materials can be recycled and reused as beautiful cups and vases.

The fragrance oils we use come from France / Grasse and hold all the certificates and regulations required and hold absolutely the highest quality that is important in order not to get a synthetic scent that easily gives a headache.


✓ An exclusive fragrance product is developed with your own brand on

✓ Choose from our selection of ready-made fragrance products and fragrances or create your own signature.

✓ Your customers associate your brand with a positive experience and feeling

✓ For sale, giweaways, gifts, marketing, uses are many.

✓ Mind's marketing with Simple process and development with fast production.


We produce customized scented candles with your own labels and your logotype. We have a selection of light cups in the Classic collection with clear transparent glass which is very stylish or Apotheca glass in dark brown and sprayed light cups. You are welcome to come in with your own light cups. All products are handmade and not factory produced.

Fragrance Sticks-

We offer beautiful fragrance glasses with fragrance sticks that maintain high quality for maximum fragrance through the sticks. We do not use Alcohol-based foundation without oil-based fragrance oil. Partly for the fragrances to last longer, 120 ml lasts for about 2-3 months and from the scent point of view to release a pungent scent. Our fragrance oils are very mild and spread a long-lasting scent.


Room spray is becoming more and more popular. We offer unique bottles in the series Classic Collection and Apotheca glass as well as with the option of "old-fashioned perfume spray pillow". Really nice.

Fragrance Oil / Essential Oil

The oils we use are fantastic fragrance oils from Grasse / France. They are IFRA Certified and comply with Swedish and EU legislation. All oils are phthalate free. We help you create the right scent for the right product and purpose. Lemongrass, Lavender, Meadow Lily & Cotton Musk, Bamboo, Green Tea, White Tea & Sage, Ocean Breeze are a selection of all the scents we offer.

Does it sound interesting? Contact us and we will tell you more about how the process of developing your own fragrance brand goes.

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It is not enough to add any scent to their marketing. The scent must associate with the company, business or product in order to have a positive effect.

Some examples of fragrances and their effects. We offer a large selection of fantastic scents.

Meadow Lily & Cotton Musk-

A powdery soft floral scent with a core of angel lily, jasmine, white neroli and iris wood wrapped in clouds of dreamy musk, precious amber and smooth creamy vanilla. Luxurious and modern scent described as addictive by our customers.


Lavender is a recognized soothing scent and helps with various stress, anxiety, sleep problems, headaches and depression. It brings to mind the Mediterranean and Provence with its fresh charismatic scent. Lavender was already used in ancient times where the Romans used the flowers as perfume and added to the wash water. The lavender oil, which is extracted from the flowers, has many uses. This fragrance oil fits just as well in the home as in the office to reduce stress as well as at the Spa, hotel etc. to create a pleasant environment.


A very fresh and citrusy scent that belongs to a range of fragrant tropical grasses (such as palm pink and ginger grass). Lemongrass provides energy, positivity and clarity. Effectively cleans the air and raises the concentration. Ideal for concealing bad odors quickly and efficiently as matos. Citrus has an invigorating effect.

Green Tea

The slightly sweet, refreshing and herbal qualities of green tea blend are reminiscent of beautiful memories of warm, starry nights, sparkling emerald waters and dazzling sunsets. Green Tea is a scent often used by hotels located in warmer climates such as Florida and other tropical locations.

White Tea & Sage-

Fresh and floral; Clean and modern, White Tea and Sage are a winning combination. Sage gives a fantastic hint of subtle warmth to the refreshing tones of white tea to create a scent that lifts all rooms. This exotic sophisticated blend is soothing and luxurious and works very well in newer buildings because it feels so fresh and clean. It is psychologically difficult to replicate a "home away from home" but this scent is undoubtedly successful. A fragrance that offers the weakest blend of white tea and the Orient.


The fresh notes in bamboo are very suitable for hotels, lobbies, shops, restaurants through the pure mild scent. The scent contains a mid-range of wild grasses, jasmine blossoms and exotic details of orange blossom and white orchid. The finishing of white musk and bamboo appeals to both men and women.

Ocean breeze-

The complex, intoxicating scent of the sea is like nowhere else in the world. Clean, marine, freshly washed and natural, sailing on the wings of the black winds on hot summer days and nights. This scent is suitable for many as it is felt so clean and fresh with modern tones. A scent ideal for resorts and hotels located along beaches and waterfronts.

Vanilla / Peony

Is a gentle scent with powerful nostalgic experiences We just have to stop taking in the scent of this clean, warm and floral scent. Vanilla scent is not quite simple as it can easily become synthetic with this combination is a winner. Cleanest and most delicious of scents. The aroma is warm, fresh, floral

Lily of the Valley-

Swedish summer in its purest scent, A fresh floral soft scent that brings us to our long-awaited short Swedish summer that cannot be compared to any other place in the world. The scent is so precise that it is like a big bouquet of our beloved Lily of the Valley. An unbeatable fragrance composition that instantly creates prosperous year-round.


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We are passionate about this kind of mind marketing and are proud to offer fast delivery, high quality and reliable service to all our customers. Our fragrance candles are manufactured in Sweden and hold the highest standards in both fragrance quality and burning time.

All products we offer as white label scents are made with care by hand and from natural raw materials. Our philosophy is to make a green environmentally friendly choice.

Our White label fragrance products are all products without the addition of paraffin. Our containers and packaging can be recycled or reused. The scented candles are manufactured by hand with care and we only use vegetable wax in manufacturing. Natural light burns with a clear flame and does not soothe. The lights are manufactured by our partners in Sweden.

With us you choose between creating your own scented candles with a unique scent, or choosing one of our finished scents.

Curious about what we can do for you? Contact us via email with contact details or call us

+ 46 735031 556 we will tell you more.


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