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Do you love Aroma Diffuser, Fragrance Candles and Fragrance Sticks with fragrance oils as much as we do. As much aesthetically pleasing products as

to spread a sweet scent to homes and businesses.

Are you a blogger, an instagram profile, an interior profile or working in the press who want to find a fun collaboration with our fantastic range

of luxurious and affordable fragrance products we would love to hear from you.

Together we can find fun things to get you followers, readers to get to know, and be inspired by decorating with new scents and products and

Discover how exciting it is when you add wonderful scents to both home and business.

You know well that it is proven that good smells have a direct positive effect on the mood and have a greater effect on us than many people think.

We offer fragrance for all environments.

By partnering with us you can take advantage of our wonderful range.

Our Aroma Diffuser is not only an aesthetically pleasing interior detail but also enhances the indoor air and scent that sets your home or business

by adding a few drops of fragrance oil in the water tank. Also, you never have to worry about having burning candles that can be forgotten.

Aroma Diffuser turns off automatically when water evaporates.

Or the scented candles from Klinta, WoodWick, K.Lundqvist, Victorian, Burn Cancer whose scent range is absolutely fantastic.

Scent sticks that are perfect for spaces you do not want burning candles but they are incredibly easy to set and let their effect and scent put

any space.

Are you interested in working with us?

Email us at and tell us a bit about what you think a successful collaboration might look like and a little about your followers, readers.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Warm greetings

Joanna Kaneteg


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