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Aroma Diffuser Marble | Scent via mist - Pleasant air

Ultrasonic Aroma Diffusers Marble is a smaller model of Aroma Diffuser. Aroma Diffuser produces mist that moistens creates a pleasant indoor air. Add a few drops of scented oil or essential oil to the water tank and enjoy a fragrant healthy mist with wide spread at home.

  • Marble imitation
  • Mist and scenting per 100 ml of water: Running for about 5 h
  • Automatic shutdown
  • Soft LED Lighting
Product Description:

This decorative smaller model creates a fresh and fragrant mist where you can add your favorite scent by pouring 1-3 drops into the water tank. Aroma Diffuser combines Aroma therapy with modern scientific innovation and you only need a wall socket to plug it in to create a fantastically fragrant atmosphere. Aroma Diffuser Marble is running for about 5 h and once the water has steamed off it turns off automatically so you never have to worry about forgetting about it. Aroma Diffuser Marble has multiple LED lighting functions and can slowly switch between 7 different beautiful colours on the front, set to only one colour or stand as it is without lighting.


How Does Sthlm Fragrance Supplier Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser Work?

Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser uses ultrasonic technology that creates rapid vibrations that homogeneously blend the fragrant oils with the water, the fragrance oils or essential oils are diffused through a fine mist water that increases air humidity.

When the water molecules are divided, it is sent out like fog, it is absorbed into the air as steam. The process is both environmentally friendly and quiet. This method of diffusion uses no heat, which maintains the positive oil integrity and the properties of the fragrance oil.

The steam has many health benefits and provides an increased well-being and Aroma Diffuser can be used with or without fragrance oils.


Fits equally well in all of the home's rooms to create a fresh atmosphere and fragrance the rooms with a specific signature fragrance from Sthlm Fragrance Supplier range of amazing fragrance oils.


Keep in mind that:

When pouring new water or want to pour water into the water tank, always do it in opposite directions from the air outlet of the water tank. Never pour water or water on to the side of the water tank with air discharge (raised part of the water tank) Avoid pouring water directly under the tap as this may splash down the water tank without using a jug.

Humidifier: Refreshes the quality of indoor air via mist

Decor: Modern and Decorative Lifestyle Product, Functional Both in Home, Work, Salons and spas. ​

Scent: Spreads Great Prolonged Scent. Add Your Favorite fragrance oil Or Essential Oil for Aroma Therapy Effect. 

To work: Pour in Water (100 ml) in the water tank Up to the max line.

For Scent, add 1-3 Drops of Fragrance Oil.

Aroma Spread Humidifier can be used with or without fragrance oil.

Note Fragrance oil Purchased Separately.


Can Switch Between 7 Different Colours Av LED-Light and Freshening.

1. Light Switches in 7 Different Colours + Freshening

2. Stay On one Colour + Freshening

3. Without Light + Freshening


• Dimensions: 96 x 133 mm

Product Facts:

• Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser

• Sound <35dB

• Water Container 100 mL

• Top: New Environmental Protection Plastic Material

• Base and water container: New Environmental Protection Plastic Material

• Mist volume: 20+/-5ml/h

• Safety System: Automatic-off when water evaporated

• Package: Present Box/ White Box

• Sthlm Fragrance Supplier is Swedish company Sthlm Fragrance Supplier perfume oils are available in several lovely fragrances.

See scents here!

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