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Aroma Diffuser Pineapple Gold Edition| Fragrance via mist - Fresh air - Lighting

Aroma Diffuser Pineapple creates well-being with mist and lovely scent.

  • Gold Pineapple in ceramic 
  • Mist and scenting per 120 ml of water: Running for 4-6 h
  • Automatic shutdown
  • Soft LED Lighting
  • Silent
  • Size: 25 x 12.5 cm
Product Description:


With its exclusive Gold ceramic design, shaped like a pineapple, the Aroma Diffuser Pineapple Gold Edition adorns its place wherever you put this.  An equally decorative interior detail as functional.  Aroma Diffuser Pineapple Gold Edition creates a prosperous feeling in your home with mist, scent and warm lighting. Aroma Diffuser Pineapple Gold Edition produces no heat, vibration or sound, making it perfect to use day or night.  With its unique design, this fits perfectly into when you want to mix the modern with bohemian thinking and where well-being is in focus both via mist and amazing fragrance.

Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuses, moistens and refreshes the quality of the air you breathe in and creates a pleasant indoor air associated with fragrance.

Aroma Diffuser creates a peaceful and fragrant mist where you can add your favorite scent by pouring 1-3 drops of scented oil into the water tank. Aroma Diffuser combines Aroma therapy with modern scientific innovation and you only need a wall socket to plug it in to create a fantastically fragrant atmosphere.

Aroma Diffuser Pineapple is running for about 4-6 hours and once the water has steamed off it turns off automatically so it is self-propelled.

Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser has a warm LED lighting that spreads mist and scent in its beautiful design from the gold hat.



Where does aroma diffuser fit?

Fits equally well in all rooms of the home to create a wonderful atmosphere. You can find your favorite fragrances from Sthlm Fragrance Suppliers range of exclusive perfume oils / fragrance oils.



Many people feel that the air in the bedroom is dry and you have difficulty sleeping and relaxing. In the living room to contribute both fresh air, sophisticated fragrance and décor. In the kitchen to create a fresh atmosphere and to remove any smells. In the bathroom to get to the long-awaited spa feel.

Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser produces steam that is absorbed by the air and then adds a pleasant fresh moisture to the room. The steam has many health benefits and provides increased well-being. The process is both environmentally friendly and silent.



How does it work?

The Aroma Diffuser you control with the button on the front. It gives a pleasant mist, lovely scent and has warm colour of LED lighting. It is running for 4-6 hours before it automatically turns off when the water has evaporated so the water tank is empty.



Aroma Spreads

Humidifier: Refreshes the quality of indoor air we breathe in via mist

Prosperous: Creates a sense of well-being in its beautiful form, fragrance and warm lighting.

Fragrance: Spreads a fantastic long-lasting sophisticated scent by adding your favorite fragrance oil from Sthlm Fragrance Suppliers series of exclusive perfume oils.


Pour water (120 ml) into the water tank up to the maximum line.

Add 1-3 drops of your signature scent.

Aroma Diffuser /Humidifier can be used with or without scented oil.



Note! The fragrance oil is purchased separately.


With warm peaceful LED lighting with mist and scent.

1. Light on + fragrance function

2. without + fragrance function

3. Turn off



Aroma Diffuser Dimensions

• Dimensions: 25x12.5 cm



Product Facts:

• Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser

• Sound <35dB

• Holding time: approx. 3,000 h

• Water container 120 ml

• Top: Ceramics

• Base and water container: PP + ABS CE approved

• Mist volume: 20-30 ml/h

• Safety System: Automatic-off when water evaporated

• Outlet: European standard

• Package: Gift Box / White Box Sthlm Fragrance Supplier series of exclusive fragrance oils is available in several lovely fragrances. 

See scents here!



Care instructions:

Always use fresh water in your Aroma Diffuser.  Let it steam off naturally until the water tank is empty. Especially if you want to change the scents. 

NOTE: Keep in mind that if you have water in the water tank that you wish to pour out, pour the water on the other side of the air discharge into the water tank. Do not pour water into the air outlet as this may damage your Aroma Diffuser. See simple description in manual.

Clean the water base once a week or when changing scented oil.  Remove the insert from the cord and lift off the glass egg and wipe out with damp cloth and use cloths on the ceramic disk at the bottom.   Never clean under running water with the risk of splashing the water base that has air discharge.  It is important not to get water into the air outlet located on the water base. Do not wash with anything containing abrasives to avoid scratching the inside.

Do not lift the glass egg when it is running, but turn it off before the Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser forms bubbles and mists.

If you have accidentally moved the glass egg so that less mist comes out, you can easily tighten the tube in aroma diffuser.

The mist comes out differently from different Aroma Diffusers.

Always read the manual added to each gift package before use. 

Handle your Aroma Diffuser carefully.

Sthlm Fragrance Supplier provide a series of exclusive fragrance oils that are available in several lovely fragrances.  See  scents  here!


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