Trio of Christmas Scents| Gift Package

Klintas Christmas lights collection has for many years been glimpsed under Christmas trees around Sweden. This year, the Christmas box has been converted into a slightly more luxurious suit with three new Christmas scents that are at the same time massage candles.

Orange & Clove: Orange & Clove is a really classic Christmas scent. Sun-ripe orange and dried cloves are blended with cinnamon and a touch of vanilla to give a warm, spicy and perfectly seductive scent. A candle that belongs to Christmas.

Gold, Incense & Myrrh: This blissful scent combination was popular long before the three wise men came. Above all, myrrh and incense have been used in temples all over the world and to beautify women in the ancient Persian Empire. We at Klinta enjoy the luxurious, deep and rich scent compote from crisp lemons, sun-ripe oranges and sweet vanilla in lovely blend with darker patchouli and floral jasmine. An unusual blend that really stimulates the scent!

Mistletoe: Klintas peaceful Mistletoe is a sweet and sour combination with fruit berries and undertones of vanilla and apple. A scent that soundly and easily calls together loved ones under the mistletoe that attract kiss after kiss after kiss.

About Klinta Massage candles

The candles are not ordinary candles but act as both fragrance candles and massage oil. When the candle has been lit for a little while and the wax starts to melt, it can be used as a lovely massage oil! Just dip your fingers in it if needed.


This Christmas package is the perfect gift that you can give away with love - to yourself or to your friends or family. They are made from organic soy wax, rapeseed oil and palm oil with perfume, which is either fragrance oil or esoteric oil. No preservatives, parabens, sulphates, animal substances or any other substance are added. Burns smoothly and nicely without soot and smells lovely down to the last burning hour. When the candle has burned out you can use it as a beautiful bowl or vase.

All Klinta's products are well known for their fantastic scents!

Instructions: Light the wick and wait about 15 minutes until oil has melted on the light and dip your fingers. The oil's temperature is just right warm even when light is on and it is kept floating on the fingers so that it can easily be massaged into the skin. Enjoy the heat, the smell and the tranquillity! You can light and extinguish the light until it is completely burnt out.

Massage has fantastic benefits such as increasing the body's general well-being strengthening of the immune system, counteracting stress, increasing concentration to increase blood circulation, etc.

Small light

• Dimensions: Ø 5 cm, H 6 cm x 3

• Burning time: 18 h x 3

• Fragrance: Orange & Clove, Gold, Incense & Myrrh, Mistletoe

Klintas massage candles are available in several wonderful scents. See more scents here.

Product Facts:

• The candles consist of 4 components: Organic Soy Wax, Ethical Palm Oil, Rapeseed Oil and either perfume or essential oil manufactured in the EU

• Not tested on animals.

• Completely vegan product of wax and plant oils from renewable sources

• Free from preservatives, parabens, dyes sulphates

• Klinta's products are packaged in food-approved jars

• Klinta's products are handmade in England

• Klinta is Swedish and is one of Sweden's best-selling candles


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