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Catalytic lamp oil | Cool Cotton

Fragrance: Lamp Oil Cool Cotton has a fresh and clean scent with notes of peach, coconut, plum heart, jasmine, musk and finishes in Vetiver and sandalwood. Only suitable for catalytic scent lamp. Creates a sophisticated scent and clean air.

  • Catalytic Lamp Oil 480 ml
  • White & Gold series
  • Scent: Cool Cotton
  • NOTE: For use with your Catalytic Fragrance Lamp
Product Description:


Dofta® catalytic lamp oil fits the brand's fragrance lamps, which burn without flame through catalytic combustion which cleans the air at the molecular level. Through this process, together with Dofta®'s specially designed fragrant lamp oil, the catalytic scent lamp removes bad odours such as, pet odours, cigarette smoke, chemical pollutants and bacteria and smells and replaces with the fantastic scent.

DOFTA® catalytic lamp oils are very clean and carefully produced, Cool Cotton is a unique fragrance designed for and by DOFTA.

Fragrant lamp oil comes in more scents, see here!

Cool Cotton Catalytic Lamp Oil

• Dimensions: 480 ml


Top note: Peach, Coconut, Plum Heart, Musk, Jasmine

Base note: Vetiver, Sandalwood

Catalytic scent lamp was developed in the middle of the 19th century and was used to clean the air in hospitals.

How to use Catalytic Fragrance Lamp from Fragrance

Start by removing the “crown” and the little hat as well as the stone and wick if it is fitted. Fill the lamp with lamp fuel about 50-75% not quite full. There is a small funnel to be used and is included in the gift box the lamp comes in.

Remember to pour the lamp oil with a substrate. If you spill oil, it can leave stains that do not go away on different materials.

Let the wick stand and draw for about 20 minutes in the lamp oil so that the wick attracts the lamp fuel.

Light the stone with a lighter and let it burn for 2 minutes. We recommend setting a timer to keep track of the time. If the stone burns for more than 2 minutes, the stone is destroyed and it cannot be lit again. Then you have to buy new stone. The stone has a consumption time of about 12 months so when the stone is consumed and cannot be lit or extinguished quickly then it is time for a new Burners as they are called. It is stone and wick that sit together.

When the stone has burned for 2 minutes, the flame is blown out and it burns with an invisible flame and the purification function is on and spreads a lovely scent.

Be sure to place the lamp in a place where there is no fire hazard. The lamp should be treated as a lit candle.

A room takes about 30-45 minutes to clean. The catalytic scent lamp can, of course, be left on longer if you want to continue the scent spread. When you are going to extinguish the lamp you take the small inner cap and put on the stone and the flame goes out. You have to be careful when removing the large fine crown because it is now warm. Remember that if you do not put the lid on, all oil will burn up.

Product Facts:

• Transparent bottle

• Specially designed for Scented Catalytic scent lamps

• Fragrance is a Swedish brand.

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