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The scent is luxurious and sensual and is described as reminiscent of the modern woman. The scent light fits perfectly in all rooms and is as often traded for its fantastic scent as a stylish interior detail. K.Lundqvist scented candles disperse a long lasting soft scent and is the perfect gift for the friend who has everything as well as everyday luxury to yourself.

K.Lundqvist comes in several fantastic scents, see here!

The design is as always with K.Lundqvist products stylish and a neat interior detail.

K. Lundqvist Stockholm's scented candles burn with an even flame without the wax forming a hole in the middle and without dripping. The scents of the candles work in a symbiosis while the light burns and gives a fantastic scent. The scent does not diminish, but lives as long as the candle is usable as the fragrance oil is mixed in all the wax.

* Important to note is to always follow safety routines and care instructions for all lights.


When lighting a candle, be careful as a burning flame can present a danger. It is therefore important that you take care of your light, both to maintain an optimal quality and to protect against accidents etc.

1: Always make sure the glass container has no crack before turning on the candle. The glass container can crack from the heat!

2: Never leave the candle unattended!

3: Advantageously trim the wick between 3-5 mm each time you light the candle for longer shelf life and to avoid soot.

4: Do not allow children and pets to stay near the light.

5: The light should not burn on delicate surfaces, such as; glass, wood etc. In the case of lighted candles, place on a frame that can withstand heat!

* The container is sorted as glass, and the packaging in carton.

Scented candles

• Dimensions: 270 g

• Burning time: + 55 h

• Fragrance: Pomegranate, red berries, blackberries and white vanilla.

K. Lundqvist is available in several wonderful scents. See more scents here.

Product Facts:

• Glass container: Glass cup in high gloss white

• Print / gold log high gloss

• Dust bag included in white with gold print

• Not tested on animals.

• Box: Embossed pattern in white

• 270 gr / Burning time 55 h

• K.Lundqvist products are packaged in food-approved glasses

• K.Lundqvist fragrance / essential oils are made in Australia with their own recipe for each fragrance / collection

• K. Lundqvist is Swedish and is well known worldwide for his Scandinavian classy design and fantastic scents,


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