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Fragrance | Sensual Bouquet


The luxurious scents from Maison Berger Paris receive many years of history and innovation.

The fragrance oils contain the highest quality, high quality raw materials and are manufactured and produced by perfume masters from France.

The scent lamp Maison Berger Paris requires a specific technology that is linked to catalytic combustion. In fact, the scent must take into account the highest temperature of the burner.

Their inspirational themes are nature, travel, memories and emotions.

The collection of Maison Berger Paris is divided into equal colors to meet everyone's olfactory preferences.

Fragrance collection:

What do the colors of the scents stand for?

Blue: Clean

Light, refreshing or soft scent

Green: Frais

Zesty, Sparkling, refreshing or sea scents

Pink: Floral

Soft, sensual, powdery or aromatic scents

Yellow: Fruity

Tangy, intense, sunny or sweet scent

Brown: Oriental scents

Amber pig, woody, warm, spicy, sensual or sweet scent

Red: Gourmet scents

smooth, warm, spicy. generous or fruity scents,

Blue, Functional

Neutralization oil

How does Maison Berger Fragrance Light work?

1. The heat produced by the catalyst attracts and oxidizes the smelly molecules and bacteria in the air.

2. The burner catalyst prevents the molecules from reappearing.

3. The burner works to remove unwanted odor and at the same time spreads the perfume oil in the room comfortably.

4. The air is purified and perfumed (several hours of scent of 20 minutes of use)

20 minutes of use cleans 8 sqm

Do this:

1. Fill 2/3 of your scent lamp with your favorite perfume fragrance oil from Maison Berger.

2. Insert the burner into the lamp with the wick and finally the "lid" and let it soak for 20 minutes for the first time. It is the alcohol in the scent liquid that burns when you turn on the burner. Therefore, it is important to allow the wick to absorb the alcohol so that it reaches all the way up to the burner.

3. Turn on the burner with a lighter or matches wait 2 minutes.

4. After 2 minutes, blow out the flame. The burner itself should only burn for 2 minutes for it to reach 500 degrees, since when it reaches 500 degrees it activates the catalytic effect. Bacteria and molecules are attracted to the burner and destroyed when they hit its surface.

5. Replace the top of the burner. Now your scent lamp works: it cleans and perfumes (1 min / sqm)

6. When you are satisfied with the smell and the room's air has been cleaned, simply put on the lid to stop the process. The scent lamp is now on for hours and spreads lovely scent and increases the oxygen content. Put on the purple cork when you are satisfied with the scent of the room or when the room's air has been cleaned. It takes 20 min / 10m2 to clean the air to 68%.

NOTE: If you do not apply the cork, it will continue to disperse the scent until the liquid has run out.

Maison Berger's unique burner, has a total of 6 international patents.

Simultaneous double action, removes bad odor and spreads fragrance through the perfume oil

7. Refill

The next time you want to refill the liquid and it still remains in the lamp, you do not have to wait 20 minutes as the wick is already moistened. If you want to change the scent and it remains in the lamp, you return what is left in the bottle. To neutralize between the scents fill 1 cm with neutral liquid and light the lamp, the same procedure as described above. . Leave the lamp on for a while as you clean the wick and burner from previous scents. Then just fill up with the new scent.

8. If you want to dilute the scent slightly if you think it is too strong then you simply use the neutral liquid. You decide for yourself how to distribute neutral liquid and fragrance.

Watch the movie about the scent lamp here:

Note Do not use any fuel other than the intended one.

The story of Maison Berger Paris is more than a centrury of history and innovation

The first catalytic lamp was released in 1889 manufactured by Maurice Berger, a chemist for the purpose of cleaning hospitals from bacteria, viruses, etc. The lamp was patented in Paris in June 1898. Initially it was marketed to French institutions where hygiene was important, such as hospitals.

The scent light broke through in the consumer market in the 1930s and celebrities from all over Paris traveled to the Paris store to buy their scent lamp. In collaboration with many of the designers of the time, the scent lamp was a delight to the eye as well as to the scent. Both Picasso and Cocteau were customers and loved the lamp. (Cocteau to remove the heavy opium smoke he smoked indoors)

Today, about 800,000 lamps per year and 5 million liters of fragrance oil are sold to the lamp.

They are well known for their ongoing research and quality marking.

Product Facts:

• Scent: Sensual Bouquet

• 500 ml

• A bottle of 500 ml is sufficient for about 80 h of fragrance

• Maison Berger Paris is a French company

Maison Berger Paris series of fragrance oils are available in several wonderful scents. See the scents here!

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