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The Belle Havana fragrance lamp has been recreated from a mid-war design. Belle Epoque means "the beautiful era".

The luxurious catalytic fragrance lamps from Maison Berger receive Paris a century of history and innovation.

The scent lamps provide both an increased oxygen content in the air, remove bacteria and spread a sophisticated scent, all in one.

Maison Berger's fragrance lamps use a patented catalytic burner that, when heated to a certain temperature, burns alcohol-based liquid fuel. This process releases molecules into the air that partly remove bacteria in the air, unwanted scents while the scent lamp releases fragrance from essential oils.


Maison Berger's collection of fragrance bottles has a creative, modern and innovative design to suit every interior style with materials such as frosted lacquer, sanitized or decorated.

With a history where the first scented lamp was developed in 1889, this is the original and has over the years collaborated with large designers from different backgrounds to constantly renew the collection. The fragrance lamps are inspired by avant-garde trends.

The models come in several different designs.  See more fragrance bottles here

Picasso expressed about this particular fragrance lamp that it was " the only intelligent fragrance". It says a lot about the beautiful story behind the brand

What does Giftset Blissful contain?

The scented lamp contains 5 parts.

A catalytic burner, patented.

A Top in Silver

A wick

A lid to extinguish the catalyst.

All this comes in a stylish gift box.

And the whole package?

Scented lamp with all of the above

Fragrance oil Sandalwood temptation

How does Maison Berger Fragrance Lamp work?

1. Heat as Produced from Catalyst Attracts and Oxidizes of Smelly Molecules and Bacteria in Air. 

2. The burner catalyst prevents the molecules from re-arising.

3. The burner works on removing unwanted fragrance and at the same time the perfume oil spreads in the room pleasantly.

4. The air is purified and perfumed (several hours of scent of 20 minutes of use)

20 minutes of use purifies 8 sqm

Set up like this:

1. Fill 2/3 of your fragrance lamp with your favorite perfume fragrance oil from Maison Berger.

2. Insert the burner into the lamp with the wick and finally the "lid" and let it draw for 20 minutes for the first time. It is the alcohol in the fragrance liquid that burns when you light the burner. Therefore, it is good to give the wick time to suck up the alcohol so it reaches all the way up to the burner.

3. Light the burner with a lighter or matches wait 2 minutes.

4. After 2 minutes, blow out the flame. The burner itself should only burn for 2 minutes for it to reach 500 degrees, since when it reaches 500 degrees it activates the catalytic effect. Bacteria and molecules are attracted to the burner and destroyed when they hit its surface.

5. Replace the top of the burner. Now your scent lamp works: it cleans and perfumes (1 min / sqm)

6. When you are satisfied with the scent and the room's air has purified, simply put the lid on to stop the process. The scented lamp now stands on for hours and spreads lovely scent and increases the oxygen content. Put on the purple cork when you are satisfied with the scent in the room or when the room's air has been purified. It takes 20 min/10m2 to purify the air to 68%.

NOTE: If you do not put on the cork, it will continue to spread the scent until the liquid is exhausted.

Berger House Unique Burner holds 6 International patents.

Simultaneous double effect, removes bad scent and spreads fragrance via perfume oil

7. Refill

The next time you want to refill the liquid and it still remains in the lamp, you do not have to wait 20 minutes as the wick is already moistened. If you want to change the scent and it remains in the lamp, you return what is left in the bottle. To neutralize between the scents, fill 1 cm with neutral liquid and light the lamp, the same procedure as described above.  Leave the lamp on for a while as you clean the wick and burner from previous scents. Then just fill up with the new scent.

8. If you want to dilute the scent slightly if you think it is too strong then you simply use the neutral liquid. You decide for yourself how to distribute neutral liquid and fragrance.

Watch the movie about the Scented Lamp here

Note Use Not Other Fuel Than that Intended By The Brand .

History about Lampe Berger - More Than A century of History And innovation

The first catalytic lamp was developed in 1889 by Maurice Berger, chemist with the reason to purify hospitals from bacteria, viruses, etc.  The scented lamp broke through in the 30's and celebrities from all over Paris travelled to Paris to buy their scented lamp.

Today Sold approx. 800 000 Lamps for Years And 5 Million fragrance oil Lamps. 

They are well known for their ongoing research and quality labelling.

Product Facts:

• Top: Gold• Fragrance bottle: Champagne Coloured glass• CE Approved• ISO 9000 Certified• Purification dimensions: 1 min/ 1 sqm • Package: Gift Box incl. 1 oil. • Maison Berger is French company.

Maison Berger's range of fragrance oils is available in several lovely fragrances. See scents here!



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