Scent sticks from well-known brands- Spreads long-lasting fragrance in all areas.

Fragrance sticks, the perfect choice for spaces and rooms where you do not want candles that can easily be forgotten. They spread a fantastic long-lasting scent and are more or less completely maintenance free. Fragrance sticks fit especially well in rooms you might not use often, in the bathroom to both disperse a long-lasting scent and give the room a nice interior detail and the bedroom where you do not want to fall asleep from a lit candle.

The fragrance sticks you find with us are hand-picked from well-selected brands that both smell lovely and hold the highest quality. We do our utmost to make our conscious customers appreciate our products as much as we do. Fragrance sticks are an everyday luxury that everyone can enjoy. Offering a fantastic range of scent sticks without doing so at the expense of the environment or health is a matter of course for us.

What are scent sticks?

The scent sticks can consist of rattan, reed or other wood that is deposited in containers with scented oil. The fragrance oil is sucked up by the sticks and spreads a long-lasting fantastic scent. Die less fragrance have only in a few fragrance sticks and for more fragrance have in all fragrance sticks that come in the package.

All suppliers that offers in their range have the highest quality of the fragrance oils.

How to do this: Place the sticks in the oil and leave without maintenance to spread a pleasant scent in the room. For more scent you can turn them a little now and then. If you want less scent, use fewer sticks. When opened, the oil lasts for between 2-6 months depending on the room humidity and possible draft.

The perfect go-away gift or for yourself!

When you buy scent sticks with us you know that you get a fantastic product in your home.

We offer unique, affordable, aesthetically pleasing products for your home and business with amazing scents to create the impression.

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