Fragrance Oil / Perfume Oil / Essential Oil - Exclusive drops with great effect.

The key to happiness, might be right under your nose

A good smell affects us more than we think. To surround yourself in a fragrant room, office or shop has a positive impact on our sense of purpose and creates a feeling of well-being. With a fragrance, you can turn a hall way into a luxurious hotel lobby, accentuate your beautiful living room and create a quiet relaxing place for your bedroom.

Sthlm Fragrance Supplier has a series of exclusive perfume oils that are manufactured in the world capital of fragrances, Grasse in the south of France.  Each fragrance in the collection is carefully selected to offer a fragrance for every room, every occasion and environment. It is a long process to develop new fragrances and Sthlm Fragrance Supplier launches new fragrances a couple of times a year together with its perfume house.  We do everything we can to be able to offer a wide range of products to our conscious customers.

Our customers are from homes, spas, hotels, shops etc. and want to a create impression. A fragrance that creates the perfect "First Impression" and one that stays in the memory long after your visit.

Perfume oils are small drops with great effect. They are highly concentrated, and you only need a few drops of them in Aroma Diffuser to get a sophisticated scent. How many drops of perfume oil you should use depends on how much fragrance you desire. Our recommendation is 1-3 drops when some people would like a more subtle scent and others stronger. It also depends on the size of the space you wish to scent.  A smaller room should not be taken over by a scent and a larger area needs more.

Perfume oils have many areas of use. They can be used in your Aroma Diffuser to spread a long-lasting wonderful scent via mist. For private label fragrance products such as scented candles, scented sticks, room spray or Linnaeus water, or to create your own fragrance products such as potpourri or in fragrance jars.

Fragrance Oil / Perfume Oil for Scentscaping

Scentscaping means that you have different scents for different rooms.  Ideally you would choose scents that trigger mood and emotions. Your home has different scents for different purposes. Relaxing and stress-reducing in the bedroom. Luxurious or homely fragrance in the living room, inviting in the hall, etc.

Fragrance Oil / Perfume Oil for Fragrance Marketing

For companies, ranging from large companies to shops, salons, hotels or spas, this is a powerful tool. They choose a fragrance that will meet the customer, to give that great First Impression. A power fragrance where decisions are to be made, a fragrance for staff well-being that provides increased concentration and acts exhilarating and a fragrance to create home away from home. 

Sthlm Fragrance Supplier series of Fragrance Oils/ Perfume Oils allows you to take part in this trend as you can vary the fragrances you love in different rooms and purposes.

Unlike our other senses, fragrance is not interpreted but goes straight into the part of the brain that treats memories and associations.   The fragrance should associate with the room company, store or product to have positive effect.

Scent Oil / Perfume oil- Why do we call it two different things?

Sthlm Fragrance Supplier series is Perfume Oils but it is also easily called fragrance oils or aroma oils so therefore we have chosen to call them both here.  Our perfume oils are manufactured in a perfume house in France and have almost the same composition as ordinary perfume but contain slightly more fragrance, so our perfume oils will spread fragrance over a larger area and be mixed out with water in your Aroma Diffuser. Perfume oils are stronger than regular fragrance oils and you therefore only need a few drops of our exclusive perfume oil to spread a fantastic fragrance over a larger area and hold the highest quality which you can almost feel in the scent. 

Perfume oils allow us to take part in an entire galaxy of experiences for our noses. They can offer fragrances, blends, notes that do not exist in nature and let you enjoy completely amazing fragrance compositions.  Perfume oils are also less allergenic than essential oils as the manufacturing process tames the allergenic properties.

Essential oils belong to the category of natural fragrances and are pre-formed oils that come from different plant parts. Genuine essential oils are always produced without any solvents or other substances and are therefore not used in the same way to make them smell good. If this is what you are looking for, please read the content for you. Genuine essential oils are at a much higher price than perfume oils or fragrance oils. They are produced either by distillation or cold pressing. Unlike perfume oils, essential fragrances vary from harvest to harvest because they are natural. Essential oils are not used in the same way as perfume oils that are formulated to give an amazing fragrance but Ethersika fragrances are often used in e.g. Aroma Therapy and is commonly used on the skin as in healing massage, etc.


Quality is always the most important!

Quality is by far the most important thing in a serious perfume production and the fact is that there are good manufacturers and bad manufacturers. Cheap fragrance oils often have a synthetic fragrance that can easily create headaches which is exactly the opposite of a luxurious perfume oil. This you can predict already on price and origin.  Poor quality removes the whole point of a fragrance when it should generate a well-being, a special feeling or condition and should be able to change an entire room. Spreading a cheap synthetic scent of bad quality, it does not matter what fragrance you buy as it will not make anyone happy. Be careful to see where your Fragrance Oil or Perfume Oil is produced as it says a lot about the quality behind it. 

Some examples of fragrances and its impact. We offer a large selection of fantastic fragrances and will expand the range in 2020. You can categorize scents by the effect you wish them to provoke, no matter how you use them.


Well known to eliminate unwanted fragrance such as food, smoke or trapped spaces. They provide increased energy and concentration and a positive state of mind. In other words, citrus scents get us in a better mood and make us happier. 

Lavender: Recognized

Relaxing fragrance that is stress reducing and has a positive impact on mood.

Sthlm Fragrance Supplier Perfume Oils:

• Scented oil made in the EU

• Not tested on animals.

• IFRA certified and supports everyone's EU rules.


We offer unique, affordable and aesthetic pleasing products for your home and business with amazing scents to create impressions.

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