Aroma Diffuser spreads a fantastic scent, creating a fresh indoor air with beautiful lighting.


With timeless design and innovative function for fragrance and pleasant indoor air, Sthlm Fragrance Supplier Offers Aroma Diffuser with associated series of exclusive fragrance oils...

Via mist, Aroma Diffuser spreads a pleasant indoor air joined with fragrance. In timeless design and serene lighting, aroma diffuser is functional as well as a beautiful lifestyle product. 

The perfect atmosphere, defined by fragrance.  

We all love fragrances but few of us know about what powerful impact scents have on us and how our noses control our daily emotions and decisions.  A good fragrance creates a positive experience, affects our mood positively and generates an overall sense of well-being. 

Fragrance:  Spreads a long-lasting fragrant mist in the home or work. Choose and vary fragrances from the collection of exclusive perfume oils/ fragrance oils, produced in the fragrance’s mecca Grasse / France

Fresh air:  Enjoy comfortable and healthy indoor air.

Decor: Aroma Diffuser makes it possible to release a great fragrance with fresh indoor air, in a beautiful timeless design.

Add your favorite fragrance by pouring 1-3 drops of fragrance oil from the Sthlm Fragrance series of exclusive fragrance oils/perfume oils into the water tank and enjoy for hours before the water evaporates and Aroma Diffuser turns off automatically.

Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser/humidifier creates a mist that is spread by vibration.  When the water molecules are split, it is sent out as fine mist and absorbed into the air as steam.  The process is both environmentally friendly and quiet.  This diffusion method uses no heat, which maintains the positive oil integrity and the properties of the fragrance oil every time you use it.

In addition to giving an amazing scent, Aroma Diffuser creates a pleasant indoor environment.

More than just fragrance

Many people experience troublesome irritations if the air has low humidity, like dry mouth, dry itchy eyes, nose and throat and some may experience more difficulty breathing.  Since our bodies are made up of 60% water, it is no wonder that we are affected by dry, trapped indoor air.

 In winter, when the heat is on and in summer in air conditioning, the air is dried out and there is not always an opportunity to remedy this by letting in fresh air.

Aroma Diffuser adds a touch of stylish design and fragrance in every environment and room

Aroma Diffuser is designed to fit all rooms of the home as well as in offices, Spas and Hotels, to create a fresh fragrant atmosphere.

Scentsscaping, which is a relative new term in Sweden means using various different scents for different rooms.   Choosing selected fragrances for the Aroma Diffuser that triggers mood and emotions.  Your home has different rooms for different purposes and certainly it should be obvious that even the scent in the rooms should enhance the atmosphere you want to create just like the choice of colours and interior design.   Relaxing, stress-reducing in the bedroom, a luxurious, sophisticated fragrance in the living room, a welcomed gentle scent of, for example, Vanilla & Peony in the hall.

To understand the benefits and how important smells are together with pleasant indoor air, we can start with the fact that of our five senses, the sense of smell is the strongest and also the most memory-triggering and directly affects our mood and well-being.  This is an important part that can be forgotten when planning for the overall impression.

For businesses, ranging from large companies to shops, salons, spas and of course hotels, fragrance and scentscaping is a powerful tool. They choose a fragrance to meet the customers, so-called “First Impressions". A fragrance where decisions are to be made and a fragrance for the staff’s well-being that gives increased energy and acts exhilaratingly.

Aroma Diffuser allows you to easily take part in this trend as you can vary the scents in different rooms and purposes.  Unlike our other senses, fragrance is not interpreted but goes directly to the part of the brain that evokes memories and associations. 

Aroma Diffuser Use Areas: 

While the list of possible uses for Aroma Diffuser is extensive, we have reduced it to (what we believe) are some of the best reasons for owning an Aroma Diffuser.

An Aroma Diffuser is

Self-propelled: Imagine opening the door to your home, office or hotel room and being met with a stunning sophisticated fragrance and fresh indoor air.  With Aroma Diffuser it’s easy. Let it simpy stand and spread fresh scent via mist and when the water has evaporated it turns off automatically.   Products used via the mist keeps the fresh scent hold for a long time along with fresh indoor air.  No more concern that your home or business doesn’t invite you to a great atmosphere when you're expecting guests or important customers.   

Well-being & Health

Use of scent with fresh indoor air can provide an overall sense of well-being and happiness. Aroma Diffuser produces steam that is absorbed by the air and then adds a pleasant healthy moisture to the skin and hair and the surroundings. The vapor has many health benefits and provides increased sense of well-being. Aroma Diffuser used with fragrance oil can generate a special sense of mind.  Just as it can help you at relax and reduce stress you can use fragrances equally well to create an energizing mood with increased concentration.  Scent and fresh air can help with insomnia and help with a depressed mind. 

Design & Interior Design:

In the decorator world, the ability to engage all minds is crucial.

The use of fragrance in interior design is as important as sight and touch because the scent of a room or office can completely enhance the interior and well-being.  

Our goal has been to attract both the mind and the eye with aesthetic beautiful products. With its unique design with alternating tranquil lighting, Aroma Diffuser offers an experience.  A beautifully decorated room comes out optimally with an equally amazing fragrance that supports decor and the elements it created. 

Create a stronger experience and customer loyalty with Aroma Diffuser

To scent and add fresh indoor air in its office, shop, hotel, Spa has demonstrably great effect on both staff, visitors as customers.  Researchers offer fascinating insights on how our noses lead us around, dictating mood, choices and desires.  Researchers tell us that the same area of the brain that treats fragrance also deals with emotions and decisions.  Next time you walk into a luxurious hotel, stop and consider how many of your senses are stimulated by design, lighting, music and fragrance.  The hotel industry abroad capitalizes on the smell’s ability to directly create memories and highlight positive emotions and turn that moment into a branding opportunity.

Fits everywhere

Our range of  Aroma Diffusers  from  Sthlm  Fragrance Supplier, have both a modern and exclusive  design and does not emit any disturbing sound making them perfect to use at night.

Sthlm Fragrance Supplier

Sthlm Fragrance Supplier is a Swedish brand, founded in 2016 with the vision to rewrite the rules for traditional fragrance products.

Our passion and niche are quality, fragrance and design, and it is this passion that defines our brand.

Sthlm Fragrance Supplier offers innovative, aesthetically pleasing lifestyle products for homes and businesses with fragrances to create impressions.

Enjoy pleasant and healthy indoor air combined with scent via mist

First impressions last!


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